Retail Prices

$50 per area.

Minimum charge of $99.99 to come out.

Deep Scrub-Internet Specials:

2 areas- $99.99
3 areas- $119.99
4 areas- $139.99
5 areas- $159.99
6 areas- $179.99
7 areas- $199.99
8 areas- $219.99
Add $20.00 per additional area
(Areas 200sq. ft. or larger count as 2 areas)
Stairs- $3.50 per stair
(stairs are priced individually)

Rotary Extraction -  
$30.00 per area

$10.00 per area
Pet Contamination-  
$25.00 per area ( UP TO 200 sq.ft. Per area )
Sofa - $79.99 (while onsite only)
Sofa & loveseat- $149.99
Chair or Recliner - $49.99 (while onsite only)
Ottoman - $34.99 (while onsite only)
Sectional Sofa - $149.99 and up
Mattress cleaning-
King- $99.99
Queen- $89.99
Full- $69.99
Twin- $59.99
( 2 Mattress minimum if not part of lager job)
Tile & Grout Clean and seal - Call for pricing
Tile & Grout Clean, Color change (grout only) and seal - Call for pricing

Vehicles, RV's, Boats - Call for pricing

Tradebank Clients- T$50.00 per area retail ( Areas 200 sq.ft. or larger count as 2 areas. )

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Are there any large stains, urine stains or odors you need removed?

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Ceramic Tile and Grout cleaning to do?

Approximate square feet of ceramic tile to clean?

Do you have upholstery, furniture, area rugs, oriental rugs, or mattresses to do? Please describe in detail including stains & odor if any

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